Camera Projection Oval Workplace (Still workimg on it)


This is a green-screen assignment for my VFX class. Everything started from the picture in the link below. I changed the background. I know it doesn’t match the environment with the White House, but hell, is a VFX class anyways. The footage is a little over exposed as well, but that was all I had to work with. Let me know if you would like a tutorial on how to do it!!! Picture:
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The Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonus Demo aquired from E3 2002. This is the earliest demo Sucker Punch released. Differences from full version: Startup: -Sucker Punch startup logo changed -Sly Cooper and the Thievious Racoonas logo changed -Tutorial level removed -Game Start Menu removed Outside Raleigh’s (Now called A Stealthy Approach): -No van sound effect -Sly’s face on Coins (Now Raleigh’s hat) -Different Sly Voice-over (Now Kevin Miller) -Sly Character Model Changed (Sly’s mask is purple and nose is blue instead of black) -Deleted Dialouge -More coins aquired from destroying items -Cannot earn Lucky Charm with 100 coins -34 clue bottles instead of 20, as well as changed locations -Boat horn heard in background -Logo on clue bottles (Now a question mark) -Clue bottle Counter logo changed -Character color palette changed -Hook cutscene removed -Checkpoints are treasure chests instead of Sly’s logo -Different vault color -Bentley explains how to open the vault -Vault music removed -Vault dialouge changed -Theivious Racoonus page voiceover removed -Different Theivious Racconus page model -Calling card placement removed -Treasure key on the groud instead of in a breakable cage -When Sly collects key, lighting does not dim Raleigh’s Retreat (Now called Prowling the Grounds): -Holographic markers include dollar signs -Fire Down Below and Into the Machine levels inaccessable -2 lucky charms avaliable Moolah Museum (Now called High Class Heist): -Bentley does not say
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  1. EdwardandBella1918

    It’s really cool to see how the game has changed! And Bentley’s still adorable. ( 0:51 LMAO). I do admit I prefer Kevin Miller to this voice actor, but I like this nonetheless. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. 59hanad

    walking on water wtf 1:56

  3. SlyCooperRawks


  4. JakCooperThePlumber

    Where’d you get this at?

  5. BentleyBombers

    i dont really like Sly’s delivery on the lines in the demo

  6. SvRsupermaniac

    Thank god they got Kevin miller or is this Kevin miller like in one of those old movies with the suits are copied from sherlock Holmes?

  7. SonicFan200000

    & his eyes i liked that one.

  8. DieMuzze1

    Good times…

  9. MrTarheel2147

    this is different from the final version?, you guys should see what the in-development project looked like, completely different game

  10. slypoke1

    how did you get this and if u have a spare can i have one

  11. AmherstParkour


  12. NotOrdinaryInGames

    3:23 -?~?

  13. NathanLStanfield

    there both made by sucker puch

  14. Daluigi207

    I noticed that the Sly Cooper logo on the back of the van is different.

    All of the enemy’s in this level and the Winter Jampack demo are pink. The Walrus enemy wears red overalls and a white t-shirt. The Walrus enemy also seems to have a different model. In the final, his eyes make him look like he’s angry. While here, they seem more…Innocent.

  15. HyperSonicXtreme

    WTF!! Sly in this beta sounds like David Hayter, (Solid Snake) and his eye’s are always SERIOUS BUSINESS, in the final his eyes are wide open & friendly.

    All Bently conversations to Sly dialouge were different (Matt Olsen sounds different in this one) he is talking almost from the same script in the final but adding more to it in here. And Sly says “Thanks” instead of “Nice”

  16. HyperSonicXtreme

    Interrupts you and talks about vaults, in the final he doesn’t say that stuff.


    Checkpoints are treasure chests instead of Sly’s logo like you said, not only that, that sly logo checkpoint doesn’t appear in that spot in the final, plus that stalking little girl raccoon taking a picture of you is the last time you see her in the Sly Cooper series.

  17. HyperSonicXtreme

    The vault looks different
    Combination is 6-5-0 instead of 7-9-2 but who cares.
    The lockers are black instead of grey
    Sly doesn’t open the lock with style with his cane, instead just easily opens it like any person could do.
    He skips to the page instead of one leap to it, and the position he is in when holding the page is different to the final.
    So he crumbles the page in his hands and it disappers like magic instead of putting it in his backpack.
    No green flash of light behind the gate.

  18. memoiambatman

    wow they really changed a lot of things

  19. RTKTS

    Sly sounded 15 in this when he’s meant to be probably 19 im guessing, also, why did they remove some of bentley telling you things?

  20. pianogirl613

    I like sly’s voice that they have presently…you know the actual games 1-3?

  21. vikram02

    Go To 0:38 For The First Level

  22. RexTheGamer

    some of the dialogue is different to

  23. wariorcamicase

    The checkpoint is diferent too o__o xD

  24. KamekTV

    They changed the coins because Sucker Punch thought it was weird that a thief would have his own type of coins scattered around the world. In the final game the logos on the coin are different for each world (although coins with Sly’s face do appear in the Clockwerk levels).

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