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Only a onGreenscreen

effects tutorials in Call of Duty 4 Subscribe PLEASE! Green Screen Map: FFDShow Codec: WALLPAPER:

After a long time, I’m back to stay here! Expect more regular tutorials and I decided to change a bit and actually vote in the tutorial along with the good old days on-screen instructions! Have fun! Here are the links to downlaod mods are used: Display RT: other materials: Blank: Thanks for watching! Tags: Green Green Screen mod gmod Garry Garry Garrysmod Tutorial empty screen blank screen more meaterials rt webbugt
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  1. ByLawrie

    Is there a cod 4 console commands that I do, so I can only see the gun and not the card (such as green screen effect) in the demonstrations? Can you?

  2. ICheezI

    I tried to load card iw3mp.exe has stopped working out and now I get the same error for every server I join

  3. AsHHHFx

    Re-download the map, please …

  4. LostBladeXxX

    Sony Vegas used to remove the green screen, which is 100 times better ;): D

  5. DrifterZDK

    How do you change weapon attachment? fetch his automatic and will not change: (Because I’m level 1, in green-screen mode, not only in mult player green screen .. plz reply

  6. EcHoZDisciple

    CFGfactory attempt, I think I’m from there

  7. vis8n

    You kno anywhere you can get a green sky that simple? I’ve been looking everywhere and can not find it: l

  8. EcHoZDisciple

    not sure this could be due to something in the demo.

  9. McMohnz0r

    Hello, if you want to use it with a demonstration of why the sky remain normal, but changes the mass?

  10. EcHoZDisciple

    thank you very much 🙂

  11. danzoor

    a vine 🙂

  12. danzoor

    These bind to normal or skiing in the mod: Green Screen: aufbind F9 “r_zfar 0.000001; r_znear 10000; r_clear 3; r_clearcolor 0 1 0 0” or OFF: bind F10 “r_zfar 0; r_znear 4; r_clear 1 ; r_clearcolor 0 0 0 0 “

  13. RaitoKunRyuk

    Yes, I am using a config FPS increase. Even with the stock configuration, it will not work. I had to find another green-screen map, which works, but the rest of your tutorial helped me a lot, thanks!

  14. EcHoZDisciple

    Do not use settings?

  15. RaitoKunRyuk

    Why is my green screen is not green, is brown?

  16. ThexRaGeD

    Any idea if this works for WaW?

  17. GundownPC

    I had the same problem. This is what worked for me: While in ModWarfare going to start a new server and ensure that the game mode is Team Deathmatch. Then return to the main screen and load the map using the console. should work.

  18. EcHoZDisciple

    Try to install, I have no idea why this happened. Sorry: (

  19. LiamPitchy

    yeah im running 1.7 and still nothing: (I had to create the folder ‘maps user’, then set the folder in mp_greenscreen not touch anything else D:

  20. EcHoZDisciple

    Check and be sure to save all files in the right place, and make sure you provide with the latest patch for CoD4

  21. LiamPitchy

    How come when the load to the green screen is loaded up to go shooting? pleaaase answer! : (

  22. seannbrownn

    You know what I can, as the Spetznaz and SAS models for the player?

  23. mrwhoandwhat

    When I got the card, turned more brown, for some reason

  24. xRossHD

    Can you upload a video of just a green screen with the shotty or sniper? Because I have not COD4 PC, but I love to have the sniper. Like a minute or what? … Thanks to Ross

  25. EcHoZDisciple

    Look at the controls of COD4 players

  26. DuTchEr95

    The man thank you very much for all the G-mod tutorials, I’ve seen it all, I wish you did.

  27. AaronSGames1

    what songs r Minecraft?

  28. TheInkBat

    8:08 lol

  29. webbugt

    Mod comes with various materials, but even if they do, quite bright shining green is bad for the detection …

  30. Alfee94

    I think it’s a material that is known perfectly white, white, can debug wiremod although I’m not sure they are.

  31. 3t9l

    You are a God, I bow to you.

  32. webbugt

    Yes, I know, I forgot to 0Dies verwendenhud_deathnotice_time are also some of the most useful: cl_drawhud 0hud_deathnotice_time 0hud_saytext_time 0r_drawviewmodel 0

  33. webbugt

    q hold, go to Settings, and uncheck hide “drawbar physgun”

  34. MrYobitchez

    draw_viewmodels 0

  35. 360gunnings

    Press “Q”

  36. 1moe7

    Sorry for the dumb question, but I’m not a professional or anything .. how to make the thing pointer / laser weapon of physics do not appear in the videos? sorry for the noob question win

  37. TANKVC

    can expect that you speak? I thought you were a super computer robot

  38. DeathPodJr

    Minecraft music FTW.

  39. 3t9l

    It’s a nice toy box called ENT theater goers to hide his Kill-cons (but usually could only mask, but is useful for people with less image editing programs = P) good tutorial.

  40. TheJawlin

    Good to have you back, I hope to make another, Music Video, still love your Vid Depeche Mode.

  41. mikeycomputer

    I never do that. Nice tips.

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