Boston Networks to design and deliver a new monitor critical CCTV control center for surveillance of public space in East Renfrewshire Council.


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Glasgow, UK (PRWEB UK) 27 September 2012

Today in East Renfrewshire are over 150 cameras, important places, such as schools, office buildings and various public spaces. Each camera. Directly to the existing control room, which is connected to a 24-hour, 7 days a week


Networks has launched a full review of East Renfrewshire, the control center, which replace all existing technology Analouge with IP solution supports over 250 cameras and CCTV guarantees delivery and consistent critic of Control region.

updated control center, which is due to go live in October, the first council step migration from analogue to IP offers a variety of advanced features and be effective recording and storage of critical shots. Boston Networks also work closely with the Council to support the delivery of its new Security Strategy of the Community, which aims to provide a safer and stronger in East Renfrewshire.

not only Boston Networks is committed to providing a robust, cost-effective and scalable offering houses also maintain CCTV Tips for the next three years, guaranteed maintenance East Renfrewshire unparalleled 24/7 and support from our headquarters in Glasgow Operations Center Red (NOC).

In the last 24 months has been working hard Boston Networks across the public sector to design and manage CCTV migration strategies. As organizations and administrations to find that the cost of maintaining your existing analog CCTV network is growing steadily, and performance is clearly worse than the currently available technology, the prospect of continued investment in old technologies and device aging support seems less attractive. Migration planning is key in these situations to ensure that the migration to the latest technology and operating according to Finanacial constrainst, while meeting the demands of users and the overall project objectives.

simplify working closely with an experienced team of CCTV and specialized networks Boston Networks to supply its customers cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to increase to reduce the number of camera coverage, improve the quality of image storage and retrieval and centralized management.

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Whether you need to use the services of wiring, Enterprise Wireless LANs, multiple sites or telecommunications advanced hybrid technology, such as video surveillance and RFID network, obtain competitive solutions that give your business smarter and lighter .

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