Bonfire Mini-Pack – Pre-Keyed Stock Footage fire


GET IT NOW: Purgatory Mini-Pack is a small collection of 16 images of file pre-tuned small fire. Includes 6 clips and 6 clips campfire coals of fire and sparks. These are ideal for motion graphics, visual effects and titles. All movies are HD 1080p resolution. Powered Hitfilm Standard & Ultimate, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro and X, Adobe Premiere, and more!
Video Rating: 3/5

  1. RavenProDesign

    body is the temple of the cheapest producer I know he wants free stuff

  2. WaffleDude1000

    Should Have Voted: D

  3. KBTfilms

    I know, but I hit like a spray of blood as if someone is a sphere, as in shooting actions

  4. RightArmProductions

    I’m here!

  5. cnocell7

    Hit movie to generate splashes of blood on the software (standard Ultimate uncertain, but you can not quote me)

  6. KBTfilms

    Please do this, but with strokes of blood and syringes instead of fire

  7. SMFilmsmiths

    Haha body temple,

  8. RodyPolis

    Filmed. These are real fire

  9. trrn13p

    Have you or has HitFilm filming?

  10. RodyPolis

    LoL, because I’m not. All I have in my products original website.

  11. bodytemple

    Why low prekeyed video recordings or claiming it as his copilot n … then ur trying to sell at the top, the

  12. Liam Walsh
    Liam Walsh10-29-2012

    Looks awesome! I have it! You should also some images flamethrower. Or something like it ww2 planes.

  13. airheading

    first fresh

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