Blender 2.6 Tutorial 17 – Camera Tracking Pt 1 / two


In these two videos I go by means of how to track camera footage shot with a handheld camera utilizing Blender’s (2.61) new Camera Tracking characteristics. Tracking the camera movement of a handheld piece of footage, we cam add 3d characters/elements into a reside-action film clip. Link TO MY 100-IMAGE ‘BACKYARD’ IMAGE SEQUENCE: Link TO Element two:
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  1. TheFlatypus

    Thanks man, after WAY too much tme searching for a video on this subject that wasn’t as boring as hell, I found this and it was very helpful :p

  2. TiagoTiagoT

    I think if you click that thingy there that says “No Sync” you can set it to play all the frames instead of playing in real time.

  3. TiagoTiagoT

    To create a new folder you can also just type the name after the last in the path box, it will ask you if you wanna create a new folder if the path there doesn’t match an existing folder.

  4. m1l3sm4n312

    “I will be back in the next video with 10 or 12 or 15 more points successfully tracked…” Oh cock 🙁

  5. divekikchepe

    does shooting in higher frames make a difference or higher resolution

  6. atheistthinker1963

    What a relief you don’t keep saying that you’re going to go ahead. Some Teachers are using that phrase so often I want to jump up on a table and scream.

  7. epicmooman


  8. TheSinisterFreak

    man nice vids.make more plz sub i wil make Blender vids soon too.I still need help with camera tracking in a video game,If you could help that would be my latest version 3.26 i got a cube that rotates both ways goes back and front,but i cant make my camera follow the character as he do you do it in latest version?

  9. UnrealAnimation3D

    the point in camera tracking is so when the camera moves the 3d object stays in its correct spot day i put a 3d sphere in the center and i want to rotate around the sphere without camera tracking that sphere will be on the camera like if i put a marker dot on the camera you cant rotate around that dot on the camera but if you took that dot off
    and put it in a 3d environment and tracked it youd be able to move around that 3d object and look at it from all directions not just the one front angle

  10. cgboorman

    Sure. Click on my name (cgboorman – below in blue), which will take you to my Feed. Click on ‘Featured’ which will take you to my channel’s home page, where you can see all my latest videos and playlists [on the right]. Click on the Blender 2.6 Tutorial Series Playlist [on the right] to see all my tutorials, starting at #1. .. and don’t forget to subscribe! 😉

  11. TheProjectX01

    Me 2

  12. eaglebeak4

    whenever I try to track, blender crashes!!! HELP!

  13. Raze2731

    Um, I’m newbie please could you tell me where your tutorial part 1….?
    I’ve to learn from the beginning…

  14. snizox5

    What is the point of tracking?
    Just asking.

  15. cgboorman

    A bigger search area (the outer square that doesn’t show by default) can both be good and bad – if you make it too large it’ll slow down the track because Blender has to search a greater area to match the tracking point, but having a larger search area will speed up the process if you have faster camera movement. If camera movement is fast and the search area small, tracking will halt or glitch if the point goes outside the search area from one frame to the next.

  16. weegeetimetravel

    queston: does a bigger track help the camera solve, or is just a wast of time

  17. GoDamit1000

    Great tutorials, I like the way you explain what you are doing.

  18. cgboorman

    That’s it – a bunch of pictures. I explain in the video why I use an image sequence rather than a movie file, and show how to use the image sequence, just watch 😉

  19. MrNadav611

    when i download this it just gives me a bunch of pictures. anyone?

  20. rasta172

    Whatever I choose, a movie (in any format) or a photo, all I can see is Blank spot (white)…

  21. DivadWaldoss

    Awesome tutorial, thanks!
    What are your computer specs?

  22. cgboorman

    The video is provided in a download in the video description. As described, the video is actually a sequence of image files. The download is a zip file, containing a folder of images. This video assumes basic user knowledge of how to un-zip a .zip file.

  23. yohomes5

    Bad video. Can’t use the video he had.

  24. cgboorman


  25. blingn007

    how much ram do you have in that comp?

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