Beachfront B-Roll: Camera Lens (archive footage)


Visit my blog at: download the 1920×1080 24p 45Mbps file, and many more, for free. We had access to a camera with a remote control and thought this clip would work well for some people. I love the depth of field of the lens Sigma brings me.
Video Rating: 5/5


find us on Facebook: Timelapse clips from New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles – United States of America has been heavily compressed video to YouTube. 4K Video Specifications: Camera: Nikon D700 / stream image lens: Nikon 24-70mm, 17-35mm Nikon More Ultra High Time Lapse Stock Footage definition (HD, 2K, 4K, 5K +, 8K):
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. Denzerf

    Thanks for that! I used to appreciate some of your clips in my film student :)!

  2. Black5Cloud

    I’m a big fan too! : -)

  3. operatorone15

    I think I’m the only one who appreciates your work enough to like and kommentieren.thanks much!

  4. SuperSpexs

    I saw it in 240P amazing!

  5. Jcroberts111

    Looking from the Retina Display Mac: D

  6. whipeass666

    lol XD my day

  7. Vnfx

    I see the green screen in the “original” Qualität.awesome in full hd!

  8. hellman1997

    observed in approximately 4K quality 0.o

  9. Luke Lam
    Luke Lam10-22-2012

    After five weeks, I can finally 🙂 10 seconds in this movie in my iPhone 2g 3g I enjoy whe n it was just two weeks 🙂

  10. DJordydj

    OMG this is the best looking video I’ve seen in my life! 1080 looks awesome, I want to try it on a TV 4k!

  11. brainybaboon

    Vi at 240P.

  12. JornadaDosGamers

    my pc is running this video as nothing

  13. LordNickleBottoms

    You need a GPU that supports 4K video because my Phenom II X4 (4 GHz) remains at 60% for this video.

  14. Marlon Mier
    Marlon Mier10-22-2012

    take it easy, without this video delay pc can play just take your time! : ‘D

  15. MeGaEdIIToRMaN

    I love these videos are running on my laptop when I choose original. : D

  16. CreativeCommunityTV

    The Wall Screen 4k aufgewertet.Ich Pentagon has worked at the Pentagon and this video have been cut around the pentagon wallscreen ESA mazing!

  17. itsBluex

    looks awesome on my retina macbook: D

  18. Fangfm

    please please please tell me what software you use to 4K motion video imaging of D. This video is just phenomenal resolution, great job anyway, I like to receive the help!

  19. Mega000Alex

    16k cable internet Radeon HD 6850 950 MHz AMD FX4800 3.6GHz quad-core .. beginning of this vid with pc “ORIGINAL” and crashed booming: D

  20. web1bastler

    my 970 is (oc’ed to 4G) of only 9%

  21. web1bastler

    the only problem is my speed downstream-_-

  22. gameone5555

    4K are O.O 4096×1080? is much better than HDTV 2560×1440

  23. rgmike

    The mention of those who are watching this on a mac book / Retina display …. Nobody cares.

  24. Cobra11Murderer

    My ati 5670 shows only green sapphire: |, plus 10mbps not cuttin ..

  25. 1993gandy

    Yours must be broken, my Phenom II X4 with 15%

  26. Maxitron1

    Google Chrome. my hero. with the fastest speeds, but you can do this?

  27. voltechdrache126

    NVIDEA absent -. –

  28. Connor Evans
    Connor Evans10-22-2012

    These loads almost instantly on my MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and it looked amazing!

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