Based in Texas USA Stramit open only sustainable building materials for the efficient production safer, more profitable and building energy


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Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB) June 4, 2012

Tim S. Kilpatrick, CEO of Stramit USA, and the United States Stramit Board of Directors today announced the launch of a manufacturing company that produces innovative building materials building unique components and systems in its 88 000 square feet in Fort Worth , Texas. Stramits process combines traditional metal gauge of a property development and sustainable agriculture compressed fiber (CAF), thermal insulation CAFboard Stramit, a component of traditional building materials such as fiberglass insulation, gypsum, MDF, particle board can be replaced to give and soundproofing panels in a wide range of commercial and residential structures.

According to the company, the attributes of Stramit CAFboardare notable because the natural source: the straw, the order is much like being back in the ground or burned, if more then a crop of wheat on the left . Instead, avoid the use of straw as carbon adverse event and creates a new crop, secondary cash for wheat producers. Stramit straw purchase the components that are not toxic, mold and pest resistant, energy efficient, the high sound absorption and are virtually fireproof produce.

The concept of taking a useless byproduct of a process — in this case, the wheat crop — and creating something of value, what we refer to as upcycling, said Phil Morley, AIA, Director of Design and LEED AP Stramit USA. Stramits process produces a carbon neutral is strong and durable. These materials are good for the environment from start to finish and LEED credits for their projects can to help.

heart Stramit manufacturing process is a special machine almost as long as a football field. Straw bales in conveyors, broken sieved to remove impurities and short filaments are arranged, so that a pipe before it under heat and pressure in a rigid plate which compresses finally wrapped in heavy organic and cut to specific projects length.

The end result is Stramit CAFboard substitute an organic product totally organic, no added formaldehyde or volatile compounds, traditional building materials such as fiberglass insulation, gypsum board and medium density fiber boards, particle, and acoustic panels.

Many traditional building materials are currently available for builders and consumers contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde and other toxic substances, said Tim Evans, executive vice president of sales and marketing Stramit. In addition, many standard flammable building materials, poor heat and sound transmission barriers are, and generate significant construction waste that is eventually deposited in the landfill. Stramit CAFboard believe is the perfect solution to overcome all these problems related to construction.


U.S. makes these materials, panel systems and other components under strictly controlled conditions at its plant in Fort Worth, then delivers them to construction of an as-needed basis.

Stramit Building

uses of other benefits, if combined with traditional steel CAFboard development of light mostly recycled steel to produce a building system for single panels. Compared to conventional methods, this construction system for the shell to reduce as much as 10 percent of traditional construction.


When a traditional construction project will have a maximum of 10 weeks, you can expect the Stramit system panelized take about a week, Evans said.

And unlike conventional construction, is not equal to zero construction waste to continue to strengthen Stramits green lens, authentic, reiterated Mr. Morley. Projects for which LEED certification CAFboard CAFsteel and can work for a number of LEED points deserve to be able to use.


U.S. in close cooperation during the past 16 months, with Stramit UK is preparing to introduce this remarkable production process to North America, Central America and the Caribbean worked. A formal launch takes place on June 5, 2012, during an event to the guests in the system to 6.5 acres about five miles south of downtown Fort Worth. In the case of Stramit is leadership to demonstrate the process of the manufacturing company only, and the notes of the official price is worth Fort Mayor Honorable Betsy includes Todd Staples, Texas, U.S. Commissioner of Agriculture . Rhiannon Green Building Council Jacobsen, Director of Strategic Accounts and Stramit U.S. executives.

Stramit and compressed agricultural fiber panels have a long and proven history in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, said Kilpatrick. It is time for this product and a new level of responsibility to the environment in North America, and to carry. It’s just what to do, and we expect a large and eager acceptance of the technology and its products.


about Stramit

Stramit USA is an innovative manufacturer of sustainable building materials, with corporate offices and plant facilities of Lubbock Avenue Fort Worth, Texas. Stramit developed a unique material, creating the environment from recycled steel and wheat and rice straw — a natural source of material that is often destroyed. Stramit has pledged to do more with less in order to be good stewards of our natural environment and do their part in protecting the future of our planet.

to learn more about the U.S. view Stramit, visit The company is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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