Bannedstory Animation Tutorial [500 sub-unique]


Bannedstory Animation Tutorial [500 sub-special]

Thanks for helping me reach my goal & supported me guys! I will upload as much videos as I can for you guys since I kinda quitted Maplestory…so yeah . This video is just an update for you guys since alot of people have been asking me questions how to make animations and other stuff. Below this are some links that you might want to download to make MMV or maple series. Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro (buy or trial) : Wisdom-Soft AutoScreenRecorder (3.1 Free): * I noticed a lot of people have trouble downloading the right one. Remember the one right under ” Free Programs (Click to download)” ! Bannedstory : Backgrounds : Songs in order : 1. One Life One Love -Deestylistic 2. Used to Be – Ilya 3. Dum Dadi Doo 4. Everytime – Justin Delacruz aka SHINY 5. Feel your love – Jady 6. Clock Stop – August Have fun making those videos! (; ** You can only move 1 character at a time. For fighting scenes or more than one, you need to use Adobe Products (After Effects, Photoshop, or Flash) Common Questions : Why does my character go behind my background ? A: Easy, because if you look at your layer panel, your character is UNDER your background layer . All you need to do is press the green “up” arrow on the bottom. How do I put music and crop the animation ? A: You are suppose to use a video editing program such as Ulead, Sony Vegas, or WMM . I recommend using Sony Vegas because it’s what i use
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  1. happyface7084


  2. CuteBunnyKiss

    omg。THIS HELPED!!!

  3. Bluestars608

    i use auto screen too 😀

  4. PrincessCrystalBlade

    You’re a great help! =D Thank you so much! xD I like the effects you used in this video, too =P btw … how do you get an invitation card in bannedstory? o.O please help? D=

  5. Kattniss Everdeen
    Kattniss Everdeen05-25-2012

    how do you make the picture that big

  6. cake10

    0:42 whoa there, there are kids here

  7. Shazza2Kewl99

    THANKS SO MUCH. I quitted Maplestory too, but I love creating different characters. I was crying, officially, because of the wonderful music! Thanks soo much for that help. I’ve been always looking for this. Please add me on youtube!

  8. TheMoosebull

    hey i love the video! Very helpful in fact.xD I like it so much i just play it randomly while i work cuz even the musics really nice!

  9. SuperGirlygirl333

    hi see i want to download this but it say that i have mac can you plzzz help me and thx for the information

  10. popqueen90905

     Know.. Rite?

  11. Klazikyclover

    uh… for some reason it wont let me record

  12. Klazikyclover

    uh…my computer is abit diffrent, it’s like my f9 is making the sound bigger, so it wont let me play, can u change hot key?

  13. Moochiist

    N’awh! ;o sorry to hear that, x

  14. popqueen90905

    CRAP, yesterday i was on my family computer and turns out this is an old recorder… So when i did it it caused a viruss.. Sience im only 10 i got a whoopin.. 🙁

  15. Moochiist

    Oh, so you actually have to have the recorder, do you?
    is the download free and non-virus, this is my mum’s computer and i don’t want to download anything that will cause the laptop harm. xD

  16. popqueen90905

    there was a part that says to show the mouse or not and on that part click the box so there is no checkmark!! 😀 <3

  17. Moochiist

    ..When you drag it,
    wouldn’t it show the mouse? 🙁 Confushed.

  18. TheMiniNerds

    wat kind of bannedstory is this? 4 or 3 or more?

  19. MrMapelstory

    How much is baned story software

  20. StarzPeril

    I mean , how do you crop the faces in bannedstory?

  21. StarzPeril

    how do you crop?

  22. Chezcaik

    What’s Sony Vegas?

  23. CowSprinkles

    How do you delete the videos you made because it says file is open in another program .
    and how much was the sony vegas you have .

  24. bubbyadventure

    Can you link me the website please

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