Audio editing MAGIX Video Deluxe 17 voice ─ (MX 16, 15) tutorial


In this tutorial you can understand

to alterations in the Pays does your voice on the video or can distort luxury available. The possibilities of the compressor by further bass equalizer, so it is accessible for any very good. (The exact functions of luxury einen video product versions to see) Video Rating: 4/five

  1. pieepeer

    Rawr: D

  2. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Oh, right? White Star and I Sparkassen.Gruß

  3. EsyRecords

    Can man make available using MAGIX autotune? 🙂

  4. MegaOT99

    ter a comment. Greeting MegaOT99.

  5. MegaOT99

    I understand … Of course I have is available The introduction was made for me IS HSA intestine and the man how much work you put run. However, like my self, too, and my subscription because you used in other (Alphamasken. ..). I tried to tinker a Magix Fraps and tutorial, and is not a war for a ton of people and how they can die an hour or more a minute squat THE PC 6. To obtain. Nasty I will not, all related. The war then my faith available Letz

  6. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    But, unfortunately, did not let me shop there. Like-me-subscription button and beautiful and good, but now want to bring the range compared to a piece in a difficult situation, we know that the return to To create an intro for einen But the fact is to be would be justified Are not I Sein.Sei Nasty Nich, but I need something for yourself too long and not used to me So constantly available, especially since they repeatedly get such requests. Is the program easy to Nich greeting

  7. MegaOT99

    I do not want to sound annoying, but I have some fantasy and luxury MAGIX Special Edition MX, or what you could do an introductory tutorial said, I am, I can be printed and subscribed to Uber!

  8. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    With premium Video Deluxe 17 and the imagination a lot. “

  9. MegaOT99

    How does the intro?

  10. TwoWayWalker

    No, you can only move so you can right click on the audio track and put to death then switch between audio 1 (audio play) and track 2 (voice), but can not speak matter how trying to activate the may not parallel.

  11. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    In VDL has the audio track only the ELA and always game voice or sound (?). I believe that, then detects the format of Vaso de Leche not just right, including the number of codecs is so large, because Leider stars, you got me again available feststellen.Ich am personally very Imer FACT, I know that with Fraps (or a capture program screen) Recorded images and sound in the game and have a sound recorder in parallel with the A (No23 recorder) my voice – you have everything.

  12. TwoWayWalker

    Yes The program also has the voice and game sound cave in if I have gtrennt in Las Vegas ask me three tracks: the video track, audio track and die die with my band audio voice sound, by this item. I prefer the cave clips in VDL But I have only one audio track in which I am just the voice or the sound of Cave game all I have, my question is a nun, how I can separate my voice and sound cave game of confusion?

  13. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Now, I have the conviction that NO means completeness: we take this program to add voice and sound in the game, but at the same time, separately and later want to VDL only when the bass track additional voice?

  14. TwoWayWalker

    Am I going to do now firstonce Sun, I know the voice firstonce export without editing the game, and then again and then this flight, let’s see if it works, the. However, I would be happy with a possible version of Unumständlichere LG 🙂

  15. TwoWayWalker

    Hello 🙂 I think this very useful thanks Vidoe Darfur, but I’m there one question: Should I take a game so this program Dxtory receptive to ON, but my micro receiver is needed for the cave and the game Sound cave in different micro-channel sound on, die sets I actually ermoglichen The GGF voice. A small volume up / down to do. Now my problem: How I can both channels of an audio track during the execution of launch? So far I think only “change the audio track” -> Audiosp. 1/2lg

  16. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Yes, as stated in Leider video you need more than life or death in the paid version of the standard version is GAR contain as much as star … ─ ─ VidDelTut

  17. MrMultizoom

    Yes, the 18th to die with the last update, but Leider is not because the domain.

  18. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Was it for a video class because it uses? The standard version?

  19. MrMultizoom

    Could you tell me if it is available, the video standard for luxury in mind that

  20. BesartComedy

    ok thanks :))

  21. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    I had an idea there, but it only works with static videos, and recorded with tripod. This would then be a little more than an alpha mask, so stop all the back and blur hat off to die the same as always, everything was looking sharp IST.Ich time left to do! Regards,

  22. BesartComedy

    Please make a video contest where is zumbeispiel new approach and the approach front a man with a SLR camera would have been foreshadowing?

  23. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    How can see the video, so it is available because there is no “adjustment with helium” ;). All this is running on the pitch effect in audio effects, such as Do you have your problem more accurately describe something so beautiful that Kann.Gruß help,

  24. bongoalf85

    die attitude to the helium

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