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FeedsRSS What is the conversion of the attic?

If you think about it, there is ample space for many homes that are not used. Some planning and consideration go a long way in the conversion can possibly go hundreds of unused space in a new portion of your home. Of course, what we are talking about is in the attic.

The roof and the basic structural framework have already been built. This could serve as an excellent substitute for the construction of a completely new wing of the house from the beginning.

When looking at your attic remodeling job your attic remodeling contractor, you should discuss some important elements in the early stages of development, such as building codes and how to be of existing structure is capable income to maintain walls, floors and furniture.

Building codes typically require the attic ceiling 7 feet 6 inches, and cover about 50% of the floor space. If your room does not fit this description, and you can talk to your attic remodeling contractor about adding more space roof dormers. Bring your attic becomes code and allow you to continue your remodeling job. Your attic remodeling contractor shall consult the local code if it deviates from this specification.

The structural integrity of your attic to try some adjustments in the work that we do. The bars that form the roof and attic floor joists below, should be strengthened. Rafters must maintain insulation updating. All updates are made to the structure, to handle the addition of insulation and drywall.

To your attic to transform the code, is a flight of stairs, not a ladder leading to the floor redone. Most codes require straight staircases feet by 3 feet x 6 and spirals with a diameter of one meter.

The attic remodeling contractor to determine whether to display the current heating and cooling to deal with the extra space in the attic, or assistants are needed.

The contractor can also advise on the architectural elements to be moved or removed in and around your attic. The contractor will be able to determine if the existing structure solid enough to be more weight and structure, or requires extensive reinforcement.

Think before you plan on using your attic converted. You might want to be a new bedroom or home office. These are some of the most popular plans for remodeling the attic.

determine the size of the windows and cabinets to the success of their new bedroom space. Code requires at least one room with a window large enough to escape in case of fire have. You may have to renew the roof to accommodate this.

For a home office, you must use the wiring to be necessary for a fully functional workspace. Tech Concerns, desk space, and built-in shelves factor. The attic remodeling contractor should be able to determine, as they strengthen and use the structure of the beams “for adding pounds, a large desk and a copier or a server, for example.

Who must renew your attic?

There are many reasons to renovate a loft.

A growing family needs an additional bedroom.

In exchange for self-employment may require a quiet and private away from the frenetic activity of the rest of the house.

A new study or living room could significantly stimulate the social environment at home.

Many homeowners want to renovate the space for rent, and a small loft. Other remodel the attic of a guest bedroom.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a loft conversion?

Let’s start with the disadvantages. The current structure of the attic floor (joists floor of the rooms below) may not be adequately trained to provide additional weight and plants. might not have enough headroom or in electrical operation rooms in the attic. And added structure to hold the insulation could be again. On the square footage but if you are renovating your existing attic will not have to add an entire new wing to achieve the same goal of an addition to the house. Add livable square feet at home increases the value of the property . Area home office (as your new refurbished penthouse office) may be tax deductible, so you will save money.

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