As Light Wrap and Edge Blur designed in Adobe Immediately after Effects and Eyeon Fusion


disperses the light | gift wrap items | The reality that root In this tutorial we take a appear at how to wrap the light and blur the edge to produce in Adobe Right after Effects and fifth We use some images fusion of “The art and science of digital compositing,” by Ron Brinkman. If you have comments or concerns, please ask us! Video Rating: five/5

  1. gybp

    Hello, very good tutorial, but when I add the second compound of CC (screen), the only option for RGB gray .. what is wrong?

  2. hedende

    best tutorial wrap light yet .. Thank you very much indeed! Instant sign up ..

  3. almaawali90

    No, I have not tried that for some reason. If it works, that make life easier. Thanks ­čÖé

  4. isotropydotca

    Cool, that makes sense. Have you tried the Precomping keylight’ed footage, rather than out? That could be easier than before the performance, if it works.

  5. almaawali90

    Thanks for the tutorial, really geholfen.Etwas is worth noting in advance that he had to deal with the layer before adding the full effect of setting light on them. This technique does not work if the layer is planning a light wrap ‘Keylight’ in which I have hinzuzuf├╝gen.Was me face layer, which had doubled in Keylight, I set the duplicated layer as lossless with Alpha. Then substitute the duplicate layer with the rendered images. And finally, I went through the tutorial

  6. SJMITCH1986

    Thank you very much, I’m still pretty new to After Effects, so I know how easy so far. It is likely that I’ll be back refer to it when I get into the optimization of more than After Effects. I would love to learn some Nuke.

  7. isotropydotca

    Refining is deaf to extremely slow compared with this recipe. I refine this effect on the mat to go every day.

  8. SJMITCH1986

    I just could not improve a dull and spring in After Effects?

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