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video, finally, I asked about what you agree with me that is. An overwhelming number of you voted for option 3, how to create their own sites archive footage. So here it is. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below, be sure to ask what we want to see next! Here are some gifts in case you can not film your own: If you want to give credit if you use them, that would be nice. If not, then good. Music:
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  1. Out0fProportion

    Just make sure that the video codec you are using supports alpha channels. I know Apple Pro Res 4444 case, it may be different.

  2. Harry Kaden
    Harry Kaden10-16-2012

    If I save, how I can do that entered Pre?

  3. Out0fProportion

    Yes, there is no plug-in for Final Cut Unmult, but you can use a luma key and get the job done.

  4. Harry Kaden
    Harry Kaden10-16-2012

    Is there a way to do it in Final Cut Pro X

  5. HFdemofilms

    Please change the volume of your ENTER. I do not know if it’s just me, but is much stronger than the rest of the video.

  6. MrBracey100

    Very informative, I can not wait to make some of my own now.

  7. Mentallitube

    thanks for the info. great video.

  8. CoatesProductions

    Another way to flash, be drawn up within Photoshop or Gimp, so I have quite successfully.

  9. Out0fProportion

    Yes, I have it when I saw them live. They put on a great show.

  10. Insiqunia

    Nice one Gamma Press shirt 😉

  11. Out0fProportion

    No problem, I’m glad you enjoyed it, please subscribe 🙂

  12. michaelhfilms

    This was explained well, now I know how to make my own stock images, (signed) thanks

  13. gaeaallard


  14. AAHReviews

    Very well done and well explained!

  15. Out0fProportion

    Damn YouTube subscription feed …

  16. Knoptop

    for some reason, none of them showed up in my subscription feed.

  17. bakersfieldmusicnow

    great info .. much love

  18. thankfulpauline1

    You should mix one episode, as it was to say in different clips in a clip like the sun, and then it was dark, because to establish the next shot, and all he could do was add brightness and contrast or thanks hope to some smells something: D

  19. Out0fProportion

    Thank you!

  20. Out0fProportion

    Yes, I knew that I was confused and did not know it at the moment :/

  21. Stefan Bekker
    Stefan Bekker10-16-2012

    its meaning 1280x720p 720p right? No 1280p ….

  22. pmmproductions347

    Introduction Awesome!

  23. Out0fProportion

    Just use the screenshot function built into QuickTime.

  24. churroboy831

    Hey can you tell me how to use the program on your computer or get ur like stationery, thank you!

  25. KrolikPudding

    Great video! Very inspiring! Makes me want to go shoot some sequences.

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