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Ciao a tutti!!!!!! 😀 Rieccomi con un secondo videoblog! Siete voi che me l’ avete richiesto, quindi ora non lamentatevi delle mie azioni! 😛 – Cacchiate varie; – Consigli sui canali; – E… che succederà ora che il boss è morto? Spero che vi piaccia, mi raccomando, commentate e fatemi sapere che ne pensate!!! 😀 I CANALI CHE PUBBLICIZZO: – FenixLab: – zAndre94: (sul forum è andre9004) – MrMarckmagic: (sul forum è casco1) – Synergo: CANALI SECONDARI: – bluedream1975: – lillolodi: – HiTech2011Synth: I CANALI CHE HO PUBBLICIZZATO NEL PRIMO VIDEOBLOG: – bonyelvis: – drake2503: – MrToma74: – magix1965: – batmanitaly: – simonello91: – Vicenzucciu: Questo è il canale del mio “datore di lavoro” 😛 – Giampymike: VENITE A TROVARCI SU: A presto con nuovi tutorial! =)

In this tutorial, I explain how to properly light a green screen footage. Properly lighting a green screen footage greatly helps create a more professional look and make it much simpler to chroma key the background out in editing. It also helps to simplify the color correction process. There are two major factors in proper green screen footage techniques and no amount of light is ever too much. The two most important factors are to: 1 – Start with the smoothest surface possible. Stretch out the fabric of the green screen footage to ensure that there are no wrinkles. Wrinkles make shadows and shadows are no good! 2 – Distribute the light evenly. I believe this is done with a 3+ light setup. One light should be the main light, used to light your subject and partially light the green screen footage. The second light should be used specifically to light your green screen footage. I like to place it at a roughly 15 degree angle to the surface of the green screen footage and splash the light evenly over as much of the surface as possible. Lastly, I like to have a backlight. This helps in two ways. One is to aid in distributing the light on the background and it also helps to eliminate that pesky green halo that often appears around a subject. There are certainly finer points to green screen footageing, but these basic principles will go a long way to ensuring you have a pain free chroma keying experience. For those that have asked, here is a link to my current green screen footage kit. It’s not pro grade, but it is an excellent starting kit and an

  1. aftereffectsiano

    Grazie mille! 😀

  2. franytp1234

    quella scena iniziale mi ha fatto ridere XD cmq grazie ai tuoi tutorial sto iniziando a capirci qualcosa…XD

  3. aftereffectsiano

    grazie capooooo!!!! 😀

  4. aftereffectsiano

    grazie! XD aspetto di vedere il tuo video, se lo carichi! 😛

  5. pnx99

    6 un grande aftereffectsiano, ti seguo ormai da quando facevi i tutorial di angelowrestler… comunque, anche io forse carico un video(sparatutto) ma devo avere 13 anni… ne ho 12, comunque 6 un grande!

  6. Giampymike

    Sei un assassino XD hahaha complimenti Angelozzo sei un drago 🙂 :)

  7. aftereffectsiano

    Ciao! Su firsteffects si condividono solo cose gratuite, quindi niente richieste di materiale che sarebbe a pagamento..

  8. mrsalvi100

    Ciao scusa volevo chiederti se nel nuovo forum Ci sono i plugins da scaricare? come il vecchio forum..

  9. aftereffectsiano

    grazie a te! 🙂

  10. aftereffectsiano

    ne ho visti alcuni, bravo! 🙂

  11. manu89791

    ehi ciao senti xpiacere puoi dare un occhiata anke ai miei video? grz in anticipo

  12. Demdest

    grande angelo 😀 mi sto divertendo molto a realizzare video con after effects…grazie 🙂

  13. aftereffectsiano

    grazie! 🙂

  14. L1u9c8a6

    wow l’ho visto solo ora bravo angelo ci vediamo sul forum

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    Di niente! Comunque si, è quella! 🙂

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  17. aftereffectsiano

    grazie! :)

  18. aftereffectsiano

    Grazie! XD Non preoccuparti, per me un commento significa molto di più di un semplice pollice in su! ^_^ (pollice in su mi raccomando, non dito medio!) XD

  19. frenktanica

    noooo volevo metteree un bel mi paice..cmq sei un grandeee !!!e devo dire che anche come comico stai mijorando..però mejo designer xD ciauu

  20. msalessiuccio

    sei troppo barvoooooooooooooooooooo

  21. DreamProductionUnive

    Anche questo è bello!

  22. lillolodi

    ma grazie mille!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! non credo meritassi la pubblicità…ehi ma la musica dello scioglilingua è della serie Twin Peacs?!?!?!?

  23. aftereffectsiano

    te lo invio sul forum! 🙂

  24. Bluedream1975

    siiiiiiii !!!  🙂

  25. aftereffectsiano

    per questo video ho aggiunto l’ effetto sonoro con magix, ma c’ è stato un periodo che l’ ho tenuta davvero sul cellulare! hahaha! 😛 (se ti piace te la posso inviare)

  26. MrNataGator

    How thin is the green screen your using? O_O Amazon reviews have said it to be so thin it’s almost transparent or something :/ I was thinking of buying it but not sure ;-; Would you recommend it?

  27. TheLionsDenNews

    There is one there about 2/3 the way down in the description that is actually what I’m using - very much on the cheap side of things. I hope that helps!

  28. hefrivera

    Hey I am looking for a good green screen photo kit. Can you recommend one? PM me if you want. Thanks

  29. jjlucash

    I used to use these babies back in the day. But I had a tantrum and threw it away (and smashed the lamps). x_x Chroma keying on Sony Vegas is kind of bleh, though, with all the artifacts. Then again, it was low-quality video, so that’s probably why.

  30. TheLionsDenNews

    LOL! There are a LOT of great places for music that’s free. But you would absolutely be encouraged by YT to use the MAGIX tool to make some if you can. I use incompetech, nathan willis, or audionautix. Those people allow you to use their works a lot of times just with credit, you’d have to check the rules on their site, but you’d never run out of quality stuff.

  31. TheBroodingTom

    …I would love to have some music in my videos but I can never figure out where these people are getting music? I even considered beat boxing! (don’t laugh) ..but one day while “performing” , my wife yelled out from another room “who’s puking??!?!!” (we have cats you know)…. so there went my music career LOL.. True story!
    Any ideas? =O

  32. TheBroodingTom

    This is awesome!!! I noticed a section in my editing program(MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 16) that allowed you to ignore certain colors.. one of them was green too. This must be the green screen thing.. lol I want to give this a try for sure! Thanks so much for sharing this! I got a different question though, maybe you can help. I just noticed yesterday the MAGIX has a new editing program for music.. It looks awesome! 1500 music sounds, loops, and more. But would I be able to use this as a partner?

  33. pearcey111

    thanks for getting back to me, would love to see a video on how to edit green screen, ive been using sony vegas pro 11, but it was just a 30 day trail, so im now doing a 30 day trail on sony vegas 9, 11 is better by far, but it is $680 so just thinking if its worth it just yet before i make up my mind on what one to buy, and getting what i can for free along the way, might just check out this Corel that your talking about, big thanks great video mate cheers pearcey111

  34. TheLionsDenNews

    Well, it can, but if you are using an HD camera not really. I noticed using an old SD camera I had lying around that it didn’t quite pick up the colors well enough, making the lighting even more important. But most HD cams pick up the color so well you have plenty of room for error. I use Sony Vegas 9 for my editing purposes, but I landed a copy of Corel that I’d like to learn here soon.

  35. TheLionsDenNews

    You are very welcome!

  36. TheLionsDenNews

    If you need any more tips just let me know, I’ll be happy to help!

  37. TheLionsDenNews

    I hear you on that. I wish I could set up the studio once and not have to take it down every time, but alas I have no claim to the basement!

  38. pearcey111

    Hi, great video mate, i just wanted to know does it matter what kind of camera you use, i brought a sony PJ10 HD, also what do you use to edit your videos, and im just about to look to see if you have a video on how you do the editing for green screen, and im subscribed to you right now, Thanks, p.s dont be worried to subscribe to my channel so you can see my green screen videos im going to make, cheers Australia

  39. Kynamitem0

    Really useful, thanks a bunch 🙂

  40. AsKaGangsta

    Thanks a lot man! Just the info I needed.. I got me a Green Screen Today but I am waiting on my Lights to come in the mail. Very good video! Helped me a lot! Thx bro!

  41. GoneToTheSnowDogs

    Thanks for this! We have been talking about doing a “studio” room in our basement. Fan Fridays would be so much easier if I could just sit on the couch with the girls in one room!

  42. TheLionsDenNews

    I added the link to the description. The price has gone up a bit but it’s a great one! In the past I have used a flip cam that worked perfectly with green screening, but in this case I was using my Sony a55 with the stock lens. I’ve been really happy with the camera as a first DSLR.

  43. TheLionsDenNews

    I added the link to the description. The price has gone up a bit but it’s a great one! In the past I have used a flip cam that worked perfectly with green screening, but in this case I was using my Sony a55 with the stock lens. I’ve been really happy with the camera as a first DSLR.

  44. TheLionsDenNews

    You’ll be surprised how much it helps!

  45. gulliblegenius

    hi, thanks for the advice. i was wondering which green screen kit you bought? im looking to buy one for a music video and could use some help, also what camera are you using in this video?

  46. couchpotatotheatre

    I don’t use a back light, that’s why I have trouble with that halo. Great tutorial, I needed the advice, thanks.

  47. TheLionsDenNews


  48. TheLionsDenNews

    If you had good natural light, it would probably work just as well I bet.

  49. TheLionsDenNews


  50. TheLionsDenNews

    Wouldn’t have King YouTube without it :).

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