After Effects Tutorials – Basic Green Screen (keylight)


a green screen in After Effects basic tutorial. Hope this helps you 🙂
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  1. dandykazama18

    knp kk, ku kok pinggir key Hasil “nya gk Halus n Tues Daerah tertentumasih Agak Kotak Kotak? knp already kk?

  2. snoopieandscoobie

    Tara Mirrors genius! Genius truth! Thanks for the tutorial, but no idea where I can get hold of a realistic effect newsroom, as you have in the end?

  3. Aji Aditya Darmawan
    Aji Aditya Darmawan10-29-2012

    u hav to purchase the full version c:

  4. greendayforever789

    Thanks, man!

  5. TaraArtsMovie

    the news again, I’m looking through google (image) 🙂

  6. TaraArtsMovie

    I do not remember familiar with previous versions, but comes with cs4: D

  7. Krice818

    Keylight is based on EPA? and how he received the news again?

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