After Effects Tutorial: Anamorphic Lens Flares


Episode 10 of Next Wave Television: Tony’s Vidcast In this episode, I show you how to add realistic anamorphic lens flares to any digital footage utilizing Adobe After Effects and Video Copilot Optical Flares. Hosted by Tony Reale Verify out our site at: Pay a visit to our Facebook page Made by Creative Edge Productions http
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  1. luvshugo

    Kootra cats.

  2. nickhansbauer

    haha, i like the guys acting considering that he literally just came to your house for something completely different ^-^

  3. dannyvillanuevajr

    The threshold has to at least be on 1% for the flare to stick although mine still seems to jitter around sometimes.

  4. ukmehrnoosh


  5. thebestf15skyhawk


  6. kiddmaff5646

    Yea its the easy way out lol.. Altho u can actually find cheap monitors now that have markers built into the menus with a bunch of different aspect ratios. Look into some of the Marshall field monitor.. They are awesome!

  7. PancakeRecipes

    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to put some black gaffers tape on my lcd, and I might also get an additional monitor that has framing lines on it. It sucks that most digital cameras only frame in the 16:9 and 4:3/2:3 format but not the full cinematic widescreen format. Less options as usual.

  8. PancakeRecipes

    Ya I’m planning on doing that with some black gaffers tape but I was hoping there was abetter way to do it. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. kiddmaff5646

    tape the top and bottom of the monitor with black tape and frame within the tape lines then in post just crop the top and bottom.. now your footage should be centered properly.

  10. username32286


  11. jokinalterarte

    Nice tut!

  12. KyleMovieStudios

    Hi, i’m a big fan of your videos, but can u please make a tutorial on how to make that lens flare you created or let me download the file from mediafire, thanks 🙂

  13. somrandomguy86

    Kootra loves this

  14. hobocamptheater

    you can measure your LCD screen and then cover the space that you’ll be cropping out.
    Or you can get an external monitor with “aspect ratio grids” and set the grid type to whatever aspect ratio you want. The grid should be some small grey lines on the top and bottom of the screen (the grid will not be recorded to the footage, it’s only on the monitor)

  15. rayjayman123

    This is what Kootra jerks off to..

  16. thebiglou13

    everytime i try something like that, i get 2 or 3 flares with huge distances from it – what do i wrong?

  17. PancakeRecipes

    I recently got a camera that shoots in 16:9, and to get the “film look” I have been cropping the top and bottom to achieve a 2.39:1 aspect ratio. But I was wondering how you frame your shots??? I have just been framing the shot in 16:9, and then manually moving the camera back a couple feet, but I want to find a better way to frame 16:9 for 2.39:1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. footballpromos

    take a look at­E or search youtube for “Sam Pilgrim 2000fps” then look at the slomo at 27secs. It’s AMAZING loads of optical flares used on this promo in After Effects

  19. ethanharveytv

    i see the flare in the preset browser/UI but not on my main output, can you help?

  20. baramin5kx

    Very useful technique! WHo would of known that using the luma matte will create realistic flares. Thanks a alot! Just added this to my favorites.

  21. jimmy70652

    I have same problem if recorded with green screen,how to do like this?

  22. producedbyHANS

    any way to mask when your original footage doesnt have a light source? (recorded with a green screen) i want to make sure the flare is “behind” the person the same way you did in the first part of the video, but i dont have a lightbulb or light source, any alternatives?

  23. dude4850

    Great teacher bro!

  24. EdgarFroez

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