After Effects Tutorial 9: Create pre-assembled design elements


tutorial on creating design elements, as seen in the package videocopilots Evolution. Incompetec music.
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style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Action Essentials 2 - Video Copilot stock footage pack

Action Essentials 2 is a collection of archive footage elements for compositing. Ideal for visual effects and motion graphics Pre-wrench Stock Footage: Built in alpha channels available for faster composition

  1. Glary Menezes
    Glary Menezes12-16-2012

    U r look fantastic. I like ur videos very much. Iam Glary Menezes India. Be sure you fabric Facebook and You Tube. Iam a biginner After Adobe CS5.5 Adobe CS5.5 Pemiere Effecct And learn. I am a photo editor. I love photography and videography. Be good as Photoshop and 27 years old and from India Iam iam. Iam biginner in Adobe After Effect CS5.5 :)))

  2. Z0HEN

    yes, that’s how I’d do it. I do not know how to do that and you can not find anywhere, logo appears lines /. Can you help?

  3. inquestFLASH

    I tried to work on that, but always in a volcanic explosion lol all ove the place, so if u find the time and responding cool.Dank vid. acclamations.

  4. Matthias Vdf
    Matthias Vdf12-16-2012

    My first thought is to use a null object pursued, lines that show their position. If followed, it’s easy to add the effect of particle world. I take a look.

  5. inquestFLASH

    dude I have a tutorial on utube no one had done so far, I’ve asked you not justify such SAR has done, please if you can show me how this is done es.sehen appreciate sick? v = & feature = YX17g3GYu2Q second 20sec relatedder effect and can show Teilchenweltu use pls?

  6. Matthias Vdf
    Matthias Vdf12-16-2012

    Thank you! I want to work in shorts, really the VFX in the stories, but I’m not a good writer. That’s why I am looking for ideas.

  7. Matthias Vdf
    Matthias Vdf12-17-2012

    Only tip.Obviously yoou can not have more Efffects erstellen.Du tutorial by VFX tips? Seem to react much about some of my videos, so I would like your opinion matters thanks!

  8. TheresPooOnMyShoe

    I think I just heard all the time, not just music and video.

  9. JmAnYoShI

    Is it good for CyberLink PowerDirector 10?

  10. LawlorBrotherStudios

    Yesterday I oreder

  11. tubetape

    Yes, it is dual compatible. It is necessary to support an editing program that QuickTime files and alpha channels.

  12. chris4071000

    Does it work with Windows Please Reply

  13. fochizzel2

    I am a young filmmaker to make short movies with lots of action and effects shots loves … unfortunately I have not had any good effect and would love to have the essentials of action … after graduation I received an Amazon gift card to buy essentials enough action ….. Someone always recommend Action Essentials or should I do something else?

  14. thechicoman7

    Does it work with Windows Live Movie Maker

  15. Masoncharles7

    @ Mrnick245 No, it will not work, iMovie can not mix the black background to fit the screen ….

  16. tubetape

    Hmmm, that’s weird. I would contact Adobe support for it. They will contact you quickly by phone or email. You can find their support page on their website.

  17. HalfBrickCinema

    Hi I need help, whenever import all files Essentials action after effects crashes

  18. tubetape

    Could support the type of file, but will not work if you have a set of powerful editing. : /

  19. mrnick245

    this can work in iMovie 09 pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase answer!

  20. MummyMan0317

    k thx

  21. tubetape


  22. tubetape


  23. MummyMan0317

    2 Fundamentals of Action does work with Adobe After Effects CS5?


    u can use or download for PS3 video jack

  25. SAproductions7595

    What does it cost? Work it work with Movie Maker?

  26. ifilmaction

    Will it work with hitfilm end?

  27. WAXstudios


  28. mva456

    neither do I

  29. TheMrCoolGuy1000

    ur mom

  30. mva456


  31. TheMrCoolGuy1000

    can u please send me a flash and a lot of blood! plzzzzzz i can not afford $ 100 Email, Email moneycross11@gmail.comBackup:

  32. tubetape

    yes it does.

  33. indiebros

    I have only iMovie if I can buy it just to work with him, I’m not really sure what I have to add a Mac to edit them

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