After Effects 3D for beginners: camera in-out-spin


In After Effects CS5, we’ll make a solid, two layers of variety and a 3D camera, then we’ll push in and out of the sort (while spinning). The sort will alter when in extreme closeup. Basic stuff.

  1. GDM223SR

    Sorry, but that’s too complicated, as I only have time to answer simple questions.

    These videos are made for my Graphic Design students, and i share these videos on YouTube in the hope that others can benefit from them.

    If you continue in your efforts to make the video you describe, then post it and ask a simple question about it, I might be able to give you an answer. Good luck.

  2. McLover20121221

    /watch?v=-fLt9sDiwho& wanna make something like this
    except that i want 2 rings around the word i wanna use, first letter shrinks and explodes like a popcorn creating a wave of air, making the “E” in the word spin around and end up inverted as “Ǝ” and some parts of the rings blow away/explode
    so that’s what i have in mind, even tho when i use the program it doesnt look so professional as in the link i posted :'(

  3. GDM223SR

    Yep, that person used Shatter. It is an effect that comes with AE: it makes a wall with thickness that you can blow away in parts, and you tell Shatter which parts you want to go away and which parts you want to stick around. To make text with thickness, you tell Shatter to blow away everything but the text. You use a separate image as a “shatter map” to tell AE what stays and what goes away.

    For more details, look up “shatter” “after effects” “type” and “tutorial”.

  4. McLover20121221

    sorry, im new to this, i only followed your instructions. was already hard looking up for this specefic trick that i’m looking for.
    but now that i’ve learned it i wanna know how to add thickness to the text (= 3d text) like this, 3d, /watch?v=xXGje1Cwens

  5. GDM223SR

    I’m not sure what you want to do, but do you mean these?
    a) if you want type to move into the camera, animate the Z-position of the text.
    …or b) if you want type to have thickness, you need to buy Zaxwerks Invigorator, or find a tutorial that uses “shatter” to create 3D type.

  6. McLover20121221

    but how do i zoom out a 3d text ? =(

  7. thomaswong8105

    Thank you for a simple, succinctly explained camera tutorial. Prior to now, the camera seemed a complete mystery that I couldn’t crack on my own. And like almost everyone else who commented, I too enjoyed the straightforward, helpful teaching style! Excellent job!

  8. manalexxxx

    great video bro, easy as pie

  9. M0ELgendy

    thanks for this tutorial

  10. NewlightRinoa

    this is so helpful ,thanks so much =)

  11. zombiekid931

    check out my videos

  12. zombiekid931

    hey check out my turtorial i figured out a way to make a easy and freee intro on youtube video editer for biggerniers

  13. GDM223SR

    Thanks. I hope to imitate Agent Smith in an upcoming video.

  14. startacommotion

    Your voice is sexy. You sound like George Clooney. Thanks for this tutorial it was very helpful.

  15. minnie2nocky

    Yes, the object is 3D and I’m viewing it from the Camera, but i found a way already, thx anyway 🙂

  16. GDM223SR

    Thanks. Are you viewing through the camera? Is the object 3D?

  17. thecaveman123

    best after effects tut I’ve ever seen

  18. minnie2nocky

    Hi! I watched your video and youre GOOD! But I got this problem. I made an object with a stroke effect. Now, when I try to zoom in with the Camera, my object isn’t getting any bigger… Help? 🙁

  19. GDM223SR


  20. mbcarif

    You Are a Good Techar i press << like

  21. XiiiBeatoSensei

    Awesome tutorial thank you

  22. master77able

    great tutorial!it helped me a lott,thanks!

  23. destin455

    THX bro I see that you do a lot of tutorials that I need so I am subbing :3

  24. GDM223SR

    @Thebestcounter1, pressing “end” moves the CTI (current-time indicator) to the end of the composition.
    If you want the *work area* to end at a specific point in time, drag the CTI to that point in time, then press N.

  25. Thebestcounter1

    Why when i press “End” it goes to the end of the Seconds,Not there when i wanted it to end :(..plz Help!

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