AE: iPod Light Streaks With Distinct v2 [Easier, More rapidly, A lot more Manage]


A quicktip video showing you how to easily create a simple light streak similar to the iPod Nano commercials & Andrew Kramer’s video tutorial except using Particular v2’s built in “streaklet” particle type! Sorry for fast intro, I thought it was pointless and wanted to make it fast. Don’t forget to comment, rate, subscribe. Join the Facebook Fanpage:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. zemama11

    I have a question plz

  2. fuzzyclown

    PLEASE do not slow down!! I hate slow ass tutorials!!

  3. TheColorlessEye

    experienced users
    *oh, stop it you!

  4. DJangokid


  5. abecerra71

    so much better then Andrew Kramers tutorial. Thanks.

  6. AXE9952010

    but great tutorial 🙂

  7. M1NDG4ME25

    How do you create your intro? That simple glitch is subtle yet effective, I’d love to use it.

  8. AmrAlchalati

    Thanx for the Tutorial :)

  9. eyefulpower

    Excellent. No fluff or side jokes or gratuitous ego promotion. Can’t wait to track the null object to whatever! Thanks.

  10. teuffeu

    FINALLY !!!! I’m fed up with slow f***** tutorial , just go to the point dude !!! Thanks so muck for these tutorials !!!

  11. EpIcShOTXxxx

    Can you add audio react to this? Is there an expression that would be able to have the particles react to a waveform? Thanks in advance.

  12. montes71able

    Quit complaining about the complainers, I’m listening to you to get away from those lame asses.

  13. hamnetofjdisa85i

    Collection of different ways you can try to get iphone4. ozMa

  14. TeNinjaMatt

    Okay. So i have the light streak now. are there any tips on how i would composite this to make it look like its being drawn?

  15. DavideoDesign

    great fast and straight to the point thanks for getting me up to speed in turbo time 🙂

  16. mykooleffects

    awesome thanks created my first light streak! 😀


    Bla bla bla and more bla bla bla , why????

  18. BFD704BOY

    you sir, are a godsend. im noob as shit as yall call it in the computer world, but im pickin it up since my future prenuers will require it. but on another note, dont talk so much ab ppl bitchin. bottom line is, they cant keep up, fuck em. i pause the shit anyways since ive had all these programs for about 2 days now with no prior experience whatsoever. keep it up bro, shits ballin

  19. bnelson313

    Great tutorial! Clean, quick, precise, and very easy to understand and most importantly Do!

  20. irfanshaikh123

    You saved me cause i was having issues with the light emitter and now thanks to your tutorial the null object did the job ;o)

  21. AnySub

    what’s the most easy way to control the 3D motion of the emitter ?

  22. dhassay

    i changed the numbers in the wiggle expression but it only changed the speed. i just need the light steak to run across the bottom of the window and make a slight turn. is there a way for me to “draw” the light streak? i will have text on the screen and dont want the light streak to get in the way. also, do i need to add my text in AE or is there a way to have the light streak transparent and possibly add it as a layer in premiere etc. ? many thanks

  23. dhassay

    question: everything is working great but i dont want the streaks automated by using the wiggle(1,500). how can i have the streaks moving around by my definition? i removed the wiggle comment but that didnt work. newbie here. great tutorial even for me. just need to draw my own streaks. thanks

  24. SunRunnerNY

    Hey! One good thing is that I am now using Ctrl+Y!

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