AE beginners course – Introduction – Episode 1


Welcome to the sequence of

First After Effects beginner course in English. As a result of 001 to learn the following: – Create a new project and import files – create compositions – compositions to ● ● ● After Effects beginners ● ● ● ● ● ● Subscription ● ● ● tinyurl . com Links ● ● ● ● ● ● fan page: Blog: Twitter deviantART
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. HPnoticTutorial

    Close enough: P

  2. LagEndaryLetsPlays

    Baltic, perhaps? XD

  3. 200viper

    Haha I’m available

  4. JonCrafter

    The taste € 1,300 I think most of the death and none of you have bought the D

  5. TheOfficialLNC

    Thanks Turtorial doing this! Although I am not subject the rookie was cut video (Sony Vegas), but I identify with AE not altogether pleasant for me aus.Ich looked at other tutorials, but I’m gekommen.Du no results explain the great truth! 😉 LG LNC

  6. SCTVchrsam

    Leider :/ duh me is always in After Effects can die MTS file. Do not read or I Beschädigt.War IS ONLY Sun principle since the last time

  7. TheJohnM09

    @ HPnoticTutorial have the problem resolved. A video taken with my GoPro first’ve (1080p 30fps), and since the issue of war. But if I’m in a video (with my GoPro) receives 60 fps at 720p and it works great … I do not know what the problem is available war 🙂

  8. HPnoticTutorial

    I cut with Premiere, Sony Vegas is also very good and MAGIX Video Deluxe Sindh.

  9. HPnoticTutorial

    A little further east 😉

  10. HPnoticTutorial

    Yes, but you can read everything ^ ^ eig AE

  11. HPnoticTutorial

    But it can. Even very good. Do you have QuickTime on it? Images up to date drivers?

  12. BackGroundArea

    If the folder where you have the beginning of the O: PROOF OF ANYTHING!?? xD I buy my collection of die Master pinto’m glad we all think, because After Effects does not see, Oh, I know myself with Premiere, PS, CS, etc, but what is it???

  13. TheJohnM09

    After Effects can not edit or mp4 files? Because if I have an MP4 video import the CA are second All frames of the development of green. The eternal nature and the MIR is displayed instead of individual frames Cave An image of green! ! ! : (

  14. SCTVchrsam

    My camera takes videos with mts file. AE Can not import dies, then I always mess convert the file?

  15. xFamouZLP

    Or may be coming from the environment of the North Sea

  16. ClubPiast

    Hey. Thanks, you know I give you problems with the cavity die colloquial AE U.S. bring closer. So far I have worked with Pinaccle Studio 15, but would like to change professonelles something, so I chose the FA. You say that AF is an editing program. What would you recommend an editing program? And how I can edit the templates of impact and installation of dying?

  17. deinemudder98

    Exactly that, I was looking for … thanks! 🙂

  18. Aracenius

    The man somehow can import AVI files?

  19. ThexHuxley

    Can you help please? If Run After Effects always depends on the program you will do if Mediascore If initialized. I can do however, was

  20. kazaad26

    Very cool said, so must the be. Short and informative! 🙂

  21. HPnoticTutorial

    After Effects can import AVCHD directly. Try waiting time 🙂

  22. Hakannixlos

    I have a camera, only to die makes videos in AVCHD format. Then I have to convert all or die, which is also available in the archives of mods to get the reins?

  23. TeamBrosforLive

    Well said 🙂 That really helps me stay

  24. HPnoticTutorial

    Thanks for the nice 🙂 But you have to donate Kommi stars ^ ^

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