Advanced greenscreen keying [After Effects Tutorial]



detection can be difficult and confusing. Despite your best efforts, you can still get shit results. They still want to use a good screen, bright green or leaf, and still want to light evenly, but this method, I’ve developed. You consistent and effective results with built-in effects that come with After Effects Sometimes your screen may not be quite green wrinkles, or maybe and shadows. Learn to use the selective color effect green screen and green folds and shadows. Then learn how to use the options in the Keylight effect to enter the screen (color screen, gain, balance, black matte, canvas clip, clip of despots white, white, grow shrink / softness). Next, we will extract the matte created by Keylight and change with adjustment layers, the threshold effect, Lighten / Darken blending modes, gaussian blur a little, and then the mat back to the original images with effect September Matte, keeping the original colors often distorted by the methods of hard coding. Finally, we will remove the green stripes and spill using a method developed by Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot (a much less aggressive key Keylight, Channel Combiner). Then all you have to do, play with color, fall to the bottom, and you’re good to go! This was filmed with a Samsung HMX-H200 and Canon EOS Rebel T3i (600D) DSLR, screenshots have been using CamStudio, audio with a Shure SM57 blue Icycle
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    Grateful for the support!

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    It’s like the best tutorial ever! thanks man! subscribed

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    Thanks man, I’m glad it was useful!

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    Great tutorial! Thank you!

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    Mmmm ok thanks! =)

  6. 8bitdigitaltv

    You can skip steps selective color, but will probably have to be more aggressive with handling (such as screen gain, white clip, black clip) and threshold steps.

  7. chica230788

    How I can get the color selective for After Effects CS4?

  8. 8bitdigitaltv

    Swick! glad you found it useful!

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    This is awesome

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    Sounds like a good man … reminded me Willy Wonka boat ride, lol!

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    GoPro Charlotte08-22-2012

    I left a video I made from your tutorial. Okay, but not for sale, but close.

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    It should be now.

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    That’s it. The reason was not there because I deleted it and uploaded a better version.

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    It has disappeared from my expectation video responses. Have a response to another video (can only be one answer aa)?

  15. gamapulses2012

    Can I sent my short video green screen in your e-mail and please, you can edit and change the background, if there is a problem in the video mode (like light and color towel …) please tell me what to fix … …

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    I just posted a video. I have your green screen technology. Please approve.

  17. 8bitdigitaltv

    You can skip steps selective color, but will probably have to be more aggressive with handling (such as screen gain, white clip, black clip) and threshold steps.

  18. gamapulses2012

    on my cs4 impact VAT not find selective color effects plese tell where can download it or give me a link please help me …………… ned

  19. 8bitdigitaltv

    Well, well! I’m glad of it! It was not really helpful to you free tutorials too often, because I try to find out if it is repeatable, and then try to understand … after that it is, do not be lazy, lol!

  20. LiveThisLifeStudios

    That’s exactly what I did wrong, thanks. The tutorial is very good and very easy for someone who is new to the Larry folgen. –

  21. 8bitdigitaltv

    I’m not sure, but it seems that you have placed the key green screen green. If so, return it to its original location, follow this tutorial and then place the final design. If that’s not the problem, please let me know and I’ll see if I can figure out what it is. Thanks for watching the tutorial!

  22. LiveThisLifeStudios

    For some reason, when you reach the stage of mate together around 5:39 my two layers completely. From the center of each other Want to know how to fix this?-Larry

  23. 8bitdigitaltv

    Haha! Let’s try that in the next tutorial! But it seriously, trying to figure out what works and why, as a rule, I will try in different clips, then I will make instructions, follow the instructions that come with 2-3 times to ensure that no Miss a screencap, I go through the steps (the corresponding notes on the way), to record the audio, and finally took the two in Premiere. It’s the only thing I do not like the sound clumsy idiot, if they do, LOL!

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    Gezeichnet.Great Frage.Wie tutorial.Ich have only has this video without a single “uh uhmm, or Oh, I forgot to say” I thought it was a must for any tutorials 😉 Thanks again.

  25. 8bitdigitaltv

    Others may mask settings are too aggressive, the thresholds and blur. I just want to tweak it and keylight those until they are a little more to get shrunk. Worst case, you may need to reshoot only better.

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