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If you have ideas for future effects/tutorials let me know!! This is a tutorial for the Daily Effects video #2 “Telekinesis”. It is a very simple effect that doesn’t take much time but potentially has many applications. Some of the effects used in this tutorial are: CC wire removal Turbulent displacement Green screen I used Adobe After Effects CS5 to composite the video. The original video was shot on a Sony PMW EX1
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Part 2 Of Green Screen Tutorial in Sony Vegas Pro 8 with Sims 2 *** Download Clips Here If U would like: or *** I could not find where I got my green screen footageing walls, but you can go to this url then click the tab, “Download” to obtain this green screen footage: Or you can get this one as well: (Scroll all the way down to download) *** Either way the same result will happen. Just change the green color to a darker color! Green Screen Background: Font Used: Boingo from Size: 72 [ Final ] Border ——– Distance: 0.612 Border Size: 43.1 Green Screen Settings: Low Threshold: 0.309 High Threshold: 0.709 Blur: 0.012

  1. 3arnoos

    why didn’t you use a blend mode to remove the white around the gun like add or screen??

  2. TheMrMenagerie2

    @alexman378 Yeah I’ve been meaning to do one for a while so probably soon!

  3. alexman378

    How much time for just a few seconds. You are amazing, and certainly have to work for hollywood or make your own movies or something. I see that you’ve done mostly super hero powers tutorials. Can you make one for the Green Lantern?

  4. usonutube2011

    LOL I have that exact cap gun!

  5. MRPictur3s

    nice tutorial!
    but why don’t you add the turbulent displace on an adjustment layer, mask around the gun and parent it to the position of the gun?!
    doesn’t work it?!

  6. Jayronimo123

    That was a good tut. But how would I do the telekinesis on a green screen?

  7. WebsiteToSell

    Your videos are great 😉

  8. ahshang86

    thx you  so much !love this video !

  9. TheMrMenagerie2

    @ZoMBiSLaYa It’s called ScreenFlow. Unfortunately it wasn’t free. It cost about 100 bucks if I remember correctly but it has some cool features and the benefit of being HD! 🙂

  10. ZoMBiSLaYa

    What “on-screen” recorder are you using? You got it to 1080p HD, so one could be come curious.

  11. TheFemaleDoggy

    Where’d you get the green ground?

  12. SimsUploads

    great and thx 😀

  13. LILDIVA3229

    @puddingly u can get it for free even though ur supposed to pay for it seacrh “how to get sony vegas pro 8 for free”

  14. alittlemid

    @puddingly  I believe you’d have to pay for it? Im not quite sure 😡

  15. nfsmw0099

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks. I learned two things from this. If you wanna put a generated media file in all of the frames u just drag it to the thing, and I finally learned how to make videos speed up or go in slow motion.. Thank you soooooooososososos much lol

  16. MissSassyGurl03

    how did you make your video in HD? please tell me. . .

    Thanks for the tutorial by the way ^_^

  17. MissFelicia1000

    Alittlemid, 😉 ,where do you have the cool clothes and hairs ?how can i have these?

  18. SCENESIMSProductions

    oh thankyou your soo amazing

  19. KittyRawrs01

    Wow it’s amazing ur is the most easyest for me! 🙂

  20. XxXsimmygirlXxX

    wow xD can u do a tutorial for cs4 photoshop on how to do
    the backgrounds for youtube cuz i got it but idc if u cs3 there pretty much
    the same 🙂

  21. TheUsedKiwi16

    Dude…you literally answered basically ALL the questions I had! I just got Vegas pro 8 today and I’m so glad there are people like you on YouTube! 😀

  22. erinrickmansworth

    @alittlemid how do you chage the settings?

  23. gabygirl9101

    how do you do the sides? ;ike what you did in the begining and end, where it says sims 2 update? how did u do that?

  24. Pasani3

    this kinda helps but; i have windows movie maker. is there a difference?

  25. xSPARKLEfoolx

    aHA goT IT ;) I HAD TO SAVE AS TARGet 😀

  26. alittlemid

    Link is in description box

  27. alittlemid

    Then you need a different green screen background in ur game. Or you can fix it in ur program by changing the settings that are given in this video in ur program

  28. RainbowPuppies101

    Just a question,What happens if it only
    chroma keys half your green screen? o-o

  29. SimRose1

    where do you get the green wall

  30. Callmeonmypickmeobay

    how do u save the movie so u can post it on youtube?

  31. kljaalouk

    @MissMindy1982 I LOVE your series!!!

  32. mikeyjaynes92

    I have a question! How do you get the couple poses too look like they are together? I don’t know how.

  33. RadioVideoQween


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