Adobe Immediately after Effects CS5 – A Appear Into Rotobrush//Masking with Anime.


A fairly quick recording done testing the rotobrush features in Adobe After Effects CS5. IT IS just a test copy of AE CS5, so it isn’t the final release just yet because that version is due to hit on mid-May. In any case, it’s just a look into the future. The Rotobrush basically masks out a character and follows each frame in order to provide a smooth mask within all motion provided. It works best when footage is changed in someone “per frame” like anime often is, but of course it was designed for live-action so the results would be much better there. In any case, just a preview and small tutorial. After Effects has always been a powerful compositing tool, and a motion graphics advocate but now, with the new additions in AE CS5, as well as many of the Adobe programs, we are going to be seeing an increase in the “indie” films with low-budget creating effects that could rival large studio productions. With a single collective suite of the Adobe products, a person with a nice DSLR camera (Nikon D3s, Canon 5D Mark II and EOS 7D/Rebel T2i, Panasonic Lumix GH1, etc) and a computer with a 64-bit capable processor and a capable video GPU card, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects could be all you need in the industry. Well, for the most part. ­čÖé

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  1. PPForya80

    Hold “ALT” on your keyboard or option on a´╗┐ mac.

  2. PPForya80

    No problem! I will be doing an´╗┐ updated… less sickly video soon haha.

  3. CarlAustinGregory

    thank you this video was really helpful! ´╗┐ i just made my first masking project today thanks to your help. you rock, and thanks for the breakdown!

  4. FinalDestinyDreamer

    if you’re using Windows,´╗┐ then press Alt, and keep pressing it so you’ll get it.

  5. CandyCatix3

    How are you doing this red´╗┐ minus

  6. PPForya80

    Some people don’t understand the keys, much less how to open up and get After Effects started. So don’t worry about it, skip to´╗┐ the part that helps you out.

  7. smokeshows69

    God, you take so f’ing long. Just show us briefly how to do it ffs.´╗┐ No one wants to hear you snort snot down your throat as you sit and cover every single little angle.

  8. CaveofTwoLovers

    guy with 30 – 40 year old voice has anime of 10 – 12 year old girls as an example…
    This video is´╗┐ most popular with:
    Male 35-44
    Okay.. I’m leaving now.

  9. aizenXsamaXKYOKA

    how u subtract´╗┐ it ?

  10. sonicboy1949

    please blow´╗┐ your nose *shivers* but good video…..other then the siffleing

  11. killerdoegirl

    If you want to do that´╗┐ you will need to use Adobe Premiere.

  12. ThousandEnemiesAngel

    So this is how to make the characters move however you want? I have this program at school so I can use it´╗┐ there.

  13. leloucherika

    you are´╗┐ so pro

  14. armeniaboy69

    here is my photoshop program : g o o . g l / 7 h 2 o V
    delete THE´╗┐ SPACES

  15. LittleMuffinsInLove

    :'( so sad… my laptop’s 32-bit while this requires 64-bits :'(´╗┐

  16. yourmouse1

    How can i put´╗┐ my face on another body!?

  17. holllowluffy

    he guys vegas pro 11 is´╗┐ out ­čśÇ ooh wait :< it doesnt have Roto Brush im downloading after effects

  18. diana24462

    not easy at all its very intimidating when you first open it but its fun to play around with it and it will give you amazing results.but there are tons of tutorials on´╗┐ youtube that could help you. so good luck n.n

  19. kittensrcute6

    how easy of a program is this for a beginner?´╗┐

  20. xlunangelx

    thank you for the vid I am trying to make amv´╗┐ so this will help ^.^

  21. virtualvanilla

    Ah, thanks, I just´╗┐ got AE today, and I wanted to figure out how to mask, thank you! xD

  22. CanimeStudios

    Can this work in adobe premiere´╗┐ elements 9?

  23. MagWrath

    For the´╗┐ love of god STOP SNIFFING!!!

  24. mateush998

    Tasty skeets? XD Sorry I could not refrain´╗┐ myself ­čÖé

  25. WowGamingFans

    it works!!!!´╗┐ thank you!

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