Adobe After Effects Muzzle Flash Tutorial (with footage)


Hey guys

Hope you like the tutorial and stock footage! All is not worrying about introducing prekeyed out link for the muzzle flash-manure pack blood bag blood Ignore Mist Pack 2: Muzzle Flash Free ccmegaproductions flash file footage smoking freddiew corridor digital muzzle free footage muzzle flashes came pre muzze
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  1. CCMegaproductions

    In fact, I did just before I recorded this does: D

  2. moviemaster82

    Tutorial really cool dude! You really know what you’re doing! But here’s a tip. Reducing the shutter angle composition. So my advice! 🙂

  3. CCMegaproductions

    no problem!

  4. TheGamesMakers


  5. eric will Pav
    eric will Pav11-18-2012

    u is a notch or freddiew fault cuz yall again I can think about what ur selfs Aany and end of each video you like

  6. TheRikkarikna

    You’re a hero.

  7. supertuzoify

    in fact, currently has 6

  8. Habbosdify


  9. Robin Dalehite
    Robin Dalehite11-18-2012

    THANKS! Best tutorial on this topic!

  10. Adnan Kovacevic
    Adnan Kovacevic11-18-2012

    ITS OK I have work

  11. CCMegaproductions

    : D I have to do to help!

  12. David Lu
    David Lu11-18-2012

    OMG thank you soooo much! and by the way it says in the beginning that there is no need to install Quicktime, some things do not work properly. I love you so much, I could kiss you …. so not gay!

  13. CCMegaproductions

    Do you have QuickTime installed? If not just download itunes and comes with it. Or you can just download quicktime directly. I think this should solve the problem.

  14. David Lu
    David Lu11-18-2012

    windows 7 64 bit

  15. David Lu
    David Lu11-18-2012

    windows 7 64 bit

  16. CCMegaproductions

    : D. What operating system? Windows, Mac, Windows 7, Vista, etc.

  17. David Lu
    David Lu11-18-2012

    and I subed

  18. David Lu
    David Lu11-18-2012

    Adobe After Effects CS5.5, and do not know what you … thanks for replying ways shows that atleast some people take care of my problems ….

  19. CCMegaproductions

    What program? What operating system?

  20. David Lu
    David Lu11-18-2012

    When I import the flashes sais blah blah blah can not be imported -. supported by mov file corruption or

  21. jbpwn3r

    Im like this guy, but my computer is slow, and my camera is a piece of shit. Check out my channel youl see what they talk. Hate the economy

  22. CCMegaproductions

    hers, who was?

  23. Adnan Kovacevic
    Adnan Kovacevic11-18-2012

    Why not apear smoke when I add,

  24. CCMegaproductions

    sweet! Hope you like the material available!

  25. BurroStudios

    cool thanks man ….. subscribed

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