$ 35 studio lighting (3-point-setup) ◄ ◄ ◄


light camera – Stingy! ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ richardstep.com’m still pretty new to this creation and full video editing so … How can you say no! … Well, I finally decided to invest at the right time and some money (but mostly elbow grease) in my house lighting. And I did! I make a light level of the key parts laying around the house (he did not, but I bought a switch and junction box to make it a little easier). I had some great cash-timers to fill the light reflector and lens … and in each case. Now, I also spent a diverging lens that I have the intention to take over the facility sometime in the near future in order to light a softer feel. Anyhoo I hope you enjoy and let me know if you think that the overall quality has improved … Sure, I hope. 🙂 I have a how-to on the level of key light in the near future. BG Music: Kevin MacLeod – www.incompetech.com Outro Music: Kris Classic – www.youtube.com ============================ ===================================== contact me: – Blog: richardstep.com – Facebook : www.facebook.com – Twitter: twitter.com – Daily Booth: dailybooth.com – Formspring: Formspring.me My Other Channels: – Main Channel: youtube.com –Random/Replies: youtube.com – For children: YouTube. com – For Him: YouTube =========================================== = TAGS =====================: richard step rstephensonable rstephenson Richard Stephenson, “Studio Lighting” Light …

  1. rstephensonable

    That’s how I roll!

  2. foc513

    Dudes constantly trying to get a sunburn in 24/7

  3. rstephensonable

    Probably a little of both!

  4. fookingsoc

    Friend! …. You need to set the white balance! ….. You look a little bit there jaudiced!

  5. rstephensonable

    There is a Russian artwork, leather handmade Jesus. Not bad, eh?

  6. aboutagb

    Does anyone know what kind of thing that sits on your desk on the right side of the video frame?

  7. rstephensonable

    Hello, thank you! This is a good way to put … My name is cheap. 🙂

  8. bazadier2011

    She and others like you are awesome because they reduce the cost of a movie is ….

  9. rstephensonable

    hehehe Thanks – I do not think many people have what is good to get feedback 🙂 Have a good one!

  10. thecreativelady

    I love the parody of Old Spice! Great lighting tips too!

  11. CamaraMountClamp

    Look at the camera mounting bracket dot com

  12. rstephensonable

    Kodak Zi8 – I have a video review here somewhere, if you’re really bored. 🙂

  13. oogabubchub

    What camera do you use?

  14. bigt106

    Creepy all the way through!

  15. danielofantioch

    I just reread my comment and I realized my grammar and spelling were out of this (terrible). I apologize. LOL. Thanks for the tips.

  16. rstephensonable

    Thank you, sir! I’ve done since “Bob” (my all-purpose tripod) turned the tables and ~ 40 ¢ / m vinyl of my local materials – works well with CFL bulbs do not work well with the bulbs. 🙂 I had some luck with the cheapo car sunshades Wal-Mart or another store. Make a PVC frame, cut to fit on the screen, cable tie, and Blammo! Caught unprofessional, not pretty, but useful, and look at these pennies. 🙂

  17. danielofantioch

    an example of what I call bad lighting is the video of yesterday, I’ve done. / Watch? V = A MRpWNQa4J

  18. danielofantioch

    I saw the video the other hand, where you build your “general purpose” light. Well done! Have you tried adding gels or a white shower cap in order to diffuse the light. I am looking to build something similar. For my part, the guys from the movie and I am daily dedication to issues where there is low light very bright lights in the head, and given me some soft light on his face and runs under the neck. I see through the purchase of a reflector, if that helps, but I’m a cheapskate! lol.

  19. rstephensonable

    I seem to draw lol afraid – thanks for staying the course 🙂

  20. danielofantioch

    It was scary, but at first. But if you can bear to see, ending up doing very well with $ 35 in the lights. Okay.

  21. rstephensonable

    I agree! Once you’re all set with lights, is a good idea to look in more details! Perfect your game YA’LL – not too much money!

  22. mrbball1396

    u have to do something good minus green gel or adjust the color of traffic lights

  23. StavroJames

    It is true .. Thank you thank you very much .. I just went to Rona and Canadian Tire today, the lights and appliances .. could be created soon!

  24. rstephensonable

    So stupid automated labeling to help all the time, lol 🙂 I hope the tips! The only other thing I would add to see is the color temperature … I have a little “you look orange” with comments “warm white” bulbs used in this video. He had more luck with “daylight” and “bright” is used in later vids.

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