1.1 IK intensiKey LLC launches 3D Virtual Set Chroma Key software.


Las Vegas (PRWEB) February 25, 2012

intensiKey 1.1 adds new features in the form of preconfigured camera movements and studio setups. These virtual games come with now. Set files detailed camera movement and positioning in time and allows the user to change some elements of the elimination set to replace a desktop computer or a screen with a real version. The kits have also been updated to improve its appearance and feel.

intensiKey new version extends support for video file formats can offer more content with the software used. As files thus created additional help in their use, refer to the user through the basic tasks, such as creating a movement of the camera in a virtual game and rudimentary limbs intensiKey green screen chroma keying. Many focus also make the best software in a wide range of hardware come with more support for Windows XP and Vista.

intensiKey 1.1, a new adjustment system gives the user more control over the duration of the clips of the scene and render function scope intensiKey essentially becomes a miniature editing program.

intensiKey solves problems that have affected production professionals who know how to make a message even true 3D virtual set in post-production, without a lot of time, cost and complexity. intensiKey quick startup and make a shot, usually only takes minutes to do both. Compared to the conventional chroma key software intensiKey comes with content that the user can choose how to give control back shot of talent and positioning for the user.

can be installed

intensiKey was designed to be easy to use, load green screen shots, add a B source, add a camera move, choose an output format, and render. intensiKey chroma key talent in the virtual set and make a good move to Real 3D camera. The material is ready to go directly to the Internet, common in any image editing program or video formats elsewhere.

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intensikey in action:

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intensiKey chroma key to prove:

About intensiKey LLC

Created with passion only offers products virtual 3D adjustment cost for broadcast, corporate and PEG-market enthusiasts intensiKey focused on the development of software and content to complement each other.

intensiKey is a private company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please visit: http://www.intensikey.com

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