06. Final Cut Pro X Color Correction Tutorial: Setting Dynamic Range and Contrast


www.colorgradingcentral.com Once we’ve set our exposure then it’s on to dialing in our shadows and highlights and setting the desired amount of contrast in Final Cut Pro X. Sometimes all an image needs to give it that “pep” is contrast. In this color correction color grading tutorial I go over what dynamic range is and how to set the proper amount in Final Cut Pro X using the Color Board. – Denver Riddle, Colorist Download option @ www.colorgradingcentral.com

www.dudeinadrama.com This is a cool little effect I’ve seen done all over the palace and a LOT in small flash adverts usually for computer games like Dragon Age, World of Warcraft or some similar RPG I’ve seen it before on TV and it when done really well it can make your head go “whhooaa” Like your Keanu Reaves and you’ve just seen something cool. This is also a cool little introduction to the world of cameras! Cameras can make some cool dynamic effects and this tutorial is an easy way to learn the basics!
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  1. AmgadMakarem

    Thanks for the amazing tutorials man! About the Free DaVinci Resolve LITE, do you think it would be better than FCP X?! What do you think of Avid media 5’s color correction?

  2. colorgradingcentral

    You’re welcome 🙂

  3. theearr

    Thanks! Very helpful information

  4. ale94bike

    Great video-tutorial! You explain very well and in a perfect english (I’m italian and I understand all). Thank you a lot!

  5. valonw

    thanks to you!

  6. bklethal

    thank you, exactly what I was looking for

  7. colorgradingcentral

    I would not classify FCP X as a professional grade tool and certainly not as good as Apple Color ever was. But is sufficient for desktop editing/coloring, something with a large budget you’d want to rely on a dedicated color system. Highly suggest the free DaVinci Resolve LITE it is AMAZING!

  8. SydneySpeedway

    The golden question is – do you rate FCP X as a professional grade Colorization tool in post? Is it better than Apple Color for example? Your Tutorial is awesome by the way!

  9. colorgradingcentral

    You’re welcome, thank you for commenting 🙂

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    Thank you so much !

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    your videos are better than movies from Hollywood !!!?

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    thumbs up the video if you think he should be more famous and have more views and subscribers!

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    awesome video man

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    how to save to videofile? as Mpeg or avi or mp4 or somthin else?! pls gimme a feedback

  21. TheLillianYoung

    Very simple but better than the Vanishing Point for me because this way the images remain intact (vs. stretched w/other artifacts).

  22. ribakism

    Respect.. really great. at least I’ve learnt how to do it

  23. jess9191

    Great tutorial, thank you!

  24. knappja12

    that cool, thx of tutorials

  25. whywhyman

    wow just awesome , 5/5 grt tutorial xD 😀 !!!

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    see a my video, 3d ball —- /watch?v=89Sm_hwzFfQ

  27. Joselo1693

    I Love how everyone is using Mac for this type of tutorials 

  28. HiggyB61

    hey thanx for sharing! that was the best tut on this so far, well done & all the best!

  29. Hater999999999

    my photoshop dont wanna save layers -.- can somebody give me mail i will sent pic you just crope pls!


    Very well done, mate. I very much enjoyed this, and your tutorial has given me great ideas. Keep up the awesome work!

  31. conorferguson

    this is interesting, i may try this at some point.

  32. damibakare

    That’s awesome. Thank you so much!!!!

  33. carlosullca

    hi there, very helpful tutorial :D. I’m doing my first video 2d-3d video clip and have some doubts: i have 14 videos of 10 secons each, around 500mb each, AVI format 1920×1080. I have problems join them in a single video :S as a result my laptop and programs just cannot handle them, so would like to have some good piece of advice, thankss

  34. rememberthemoment

    I actually just figured it out. Thanks again for this video:-)

  35. rememberthemoment

    I searched and searched youtube until I could find a tut. that could help me with the 3d effect, thank you so much. I do have a question though…how do you zoom in with the camera towards the end of this video? thanks so much.

  36. VladisZhukov

    Hello! Your lesson has very much helped with development ААЕ.
    If you consider possible to answer pair my questions on ААЕ, I will be very grateful!
    Once again thanks also excuse if I deliver efforts.

  37. ifoo1986

    Hey dude!! I was trying to take my cut out image and trying to export the 3 layers and it didn’t work for me. Would you be able to show that part of the video please!!

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    thanks for ur tutorial… u helped me in time…:)

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    I love you.

  40. loubano

    Thank you very much for this great tuto, you made me want to do this. I will start to use After effect from know.
    I just subscribe your channel to discover all your others tuto.

    Thank again to took time to make such a great tuto Dude 😉


  41. Digital8Derok

    It does not resize automatically. you have to do that yourself.

  42. iTechFX

    you don’t speak english do you? you probably used google translate right? haha, it’s all cool. Just wanted to know.

  43. Arturito28

    I correct; engraver of screen on video you use, I ask the name brings over of the software, or if you it edit the video before putting it also to know.

  44. Arturito28

    Good tutorial! Hey friend you can share your that capturador of video you use, taste like indicates the zone as if it was a question of binocular of a lens of submarine slightly like that

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