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See the full show! ★ YouTube-show.tgn.tv ★ WAY➚ What is WAY? – See http Directors Channel ► www.youtube.com A short tutorial on how to render HD quality videos in Adobe After Effects. Let me know in the comments section below if you want to see any specific Adobe After Effects tutorials from me! Click “Like” & “Add to… Favorites” If You Like This Video! =-=-=-= ▶ TGN — Get more views! See tgn.tv ▶ TGN Times — Get more news! See http ▶ TGN Stratics — Discover Stratics! See stratics.com ▶ Follow us on Twitter! See http ▶ Join us on Facebook! See facebook.tgn.tv
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  1. PedroAxxezz

    TGN i love yeh

  2. ListedProduction

    When I render again in Vegas I the video is small on Youtube (as in there are black bars). What did I do wrong?

  3. XxAdderSnakexX

    Really helpful 🙂

  4. ManthieusMovies

    why have to render twice? why not just do it correctly the first time.
    as Youtube uses H.264 30fps render using those settings for 720p video use a variable bitrate of between 4-8 and for 1080p use bitrate of between 6-10. This will also help reduce processing power needed if rerendering effects into premier/vegas

  5. tgnAcademy

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